Friday, August 15, 2014

Getting Ready For The Fair

 Carson and Andrea's idea of getting their animals ready for the fair is a little different than ours.  For example, in the first picture above Carson is supposed to be teaching his goat to lead.  Not taking a ride on the big wheel with Skippy in tow.

Andrea is trying to tame her sheep by reading stories to them.  She show them the pictures as well.  Hum?  Only time will tell. The fair is next week and they are excited.  Jensen will also be showing one of these sheep and she thinks she is doing a good turn daily by reading to his sheep as well.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chalisse's Junior Prom

Chalisse's beautiful hair done by Tai DeRyke.
 Chalisse after the promenade.  What a gorgeous girl!

Love the smiles!
Thanks Jensen for taking these awesome prom photos of Chalisse and Ryan.

Coal for Christmas

For Christmas we got a new puppy.  We named him Coal. 

He is the most loveable dog in the world.  I'm sure glad Kami was looking out for us and found him.  We love to see the new things he can do every day.  He is such a good looking lab.

My Fish

Jensen swimming the 100 freestyle at Box Elder home meet.
Jensen swimming the 100 breastroke.
Chalisse swimming the 100 fly.

They had a very successful season and are looking forward to next year.