Saturday, August 9, 2008

Provo River Half Marathon

It seemed like the day would never come. But finally it did. This is my recap of the event. I had spent most of the night before staying up late and watching the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics, so when the alarm went off at 3:30 Saturday morning, I was still pretty tired. But figured I was too excited to sleep anyway. I got ready and ate a bowl of rice and honey (hot cereal) and Greg drove to this place where we loaded the buses that drove up to the start. There were about 30 port -o- potties at the start and I made my way over to them, to wait in line.
The race started about 11 minutes late, and for the first 3 miles I felt like I was weaving in and out of people who should have been farther back in the line. The first 3 miles were down hill pretty easy. I passed the first aid station no problem with a smile on my face. The next two miles were uphill. This part was the worst, not because it was uphill, but because it was on the road where there was a lot of traffic. I saw an aid station as we doubled back, but I had no idea what mile marker it was so I kept on running. I had planned getting a drink and taking my GU at mile 6. But the next mile marker I saw was mile 7. Where did all those miles go? I told myself that I would take a drink at the next aid station. But little did I know the next aid station would be at mile 9. By then I was pretty wiped out. But I took a drink and my GU and kept running. The next mile or two went up and down, weaving in and out on a paved trail. (This was my favorite part because it was quiet). About mile 10 1/2 or 11 I don't know I couldn't really find the mile marker signs, I saw Kaleena's mom and dad. I needed a motivational keep going about that time so it really helped. Let's see how would I describe the last remaining miles? I know, It was like someone holding an ice cream cone in front of you and when ever you went to lick it, it got further away. All we did was wind back and forth in this parking lot trying to find the end. You knew you were near because you could see lots of people and hear a band playing.
I finished the race at 1:47:49. I was hoping to get 1:45:00, but oh well! I guess for a first, this was pretty good. I met up with my sister-in-law at the end of the race. During the whole race with all 1800 people I never found her. I came in the top 350 ish and finished 19th in my age group.

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Bonnie Sorenson said...

You are in such good shape. I am impressed with your running schedule and times.