Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yay I Finished It! -- Top of Utah Marathon 2010

I finished marathon #4 for this year. I love to run the Top of Utah Marathon. It is one of my favorites. This was my third year running it and each time I have improved. After my injury, I was pretty worried about even being able to run this marathon. In the month of August I only ran a total of about 30-35 miles. I was pretty worried, I knew I could run it by September but my cardio had gone down quite a bit. Biking helped a little but not much. What helped the most was seeing a great sports medicine dr that knew exactly what to do and to get me through this. We were pretty agressive the month of September. I went to physical therapy and did under water treadmill running twice a week. I did two long runs outside in September so I felt I was good to go.
The thing with plica syndrome is the more miles you run, the better your knee feels. (That is if you can get past the first 3 or so). By mile 13 by knee no longer hurt, but by mile 17-18 the muscle cramps started so I ran this marathon pretty much in pain the whole time.
I finished the marathon in 3:47:16. which the dr thinks is pretty darn good to have a goal to just finish it.
My reason for finishing this was because I am planning on running the St. George marathon on Oct 2nd. I didn't make the lottery into the St. George marathon this year but I made it into the Grand Slam, so the St George marathon in one of the required marathons to earn the title of a Slammer. The catch is as long as I run the other required marathons, they have to guarantee my entry into the St. George. (That is why all I had to do was to finish this marathon.)
So watch out #5 here I come!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

County Fair 2010 -- Another Success

We had another wonderful year at the fair this year . Fair week is a pretty busy week. For one thing or another the kids have to be out there every day. We pretty much say we live at the fair for a week. I really appreciate Greg taking work off to be there for the kids because it was impossible for me to do so. He is such a wonderful dad.
Jensen brought home two trophies. He received one of them because his rabbit got best of breed. The other one was a management award that they give to a person is 4-H who is dedicated to his club, his project, and participates in activities throughout the year and continually looks for ways to improve his project. Chalisse did a great job on her lamb project this year. And brought in some money to go toward her college education.
This is a picture of Jensen and Chalisse washing their lambs and getting them ready for showmanship.

This is Jensen showing his lamb. He placed pretty high in his division.

This year Jensen also participated in the Rabbit Bowl. He took 2nd place in the junior division and 4th overall in the championship round. I don't know half the stuff he has learned over the years.

I love little bunnies and couldn't resist holding Jensen's new addition. (Although I still think it's mine)

Andrea was a clover bud this year. She learned a lot of new things. This is a pink jewelry box that she painted. All clover buds receive participation ribbons.

Chalisse entered some scrapbook pages that received a blue ribbon and also a state fair ribbon. So check her scrapbook pages out at the state fair if you happen to go.

Carson painted a Halloween picture. Actually he painted some orange and yellow paper and cut it out in the shape of a pumpkin and glued it onto black card stock.

Jensen's rabbit "Pearly" received Best of Breed. He is also one of his friendliest rabbits.

This was Andrea's first year in rabbit 4-H. She learned about rabbits and was also able to show her rabbit at the fair this year.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Fun

We had such a great day today. We met up with some friends and spent a couple of hours shooting targets and such in the morning and had a really fun time.
Jensen got to try out my 22, which I named "Oh Henry". He still likes Jared's gun better and shoots open site quite well.

Greg liked shooting every gun up there we had. Of course he did well on the clay pigeon contest as well.
In the afternoon, Teep and Grayce came up and we went dove hunting. Greg shot a dove and it landed in the canal. Cute Lilly got it out and brought it to Teep.

This is our little band of intrepid hunters and their dogs after the dove hunt.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Strength Training -- The Carson Way

Besides going to physical therapy three times a week, I also have exercises to do at home. Carson loves to help me with the exercises. Today however, I think he got a little carried away and decided not to wait for me. I walked in the room to find all the thera bands wrapped around him with my mat rolled out. Perhaps if you use all the bands at once, it wouldn't take half as long. It's amazing what kids think of.