Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving = Food, Fun, Family

For years during Thanksgiving time I like to reflect back on the blessings throughout the year. I am thankful for my family, for the food we are blessed with, and all the fun times we share together.
This year for Thanksgiving we wrapped up the food, family, and fun into one and went pheasant hunting. Actually I wanted to go with my brothers to share in their excitement and to put in a good couple of miles of walking. Jake made all the arrangements at a private club and for the first time I shot my first pheasant.
Here we are getting ready and loading our pockets with bullets.
Bella was a good dog and even swam out into the river to get the hen that was shot down.
Wow! Cherilee actually hit a pheasant. That deserves a hi-5.
This is the rooster I shot.
Here we are flushing the pheasants out.
This is Teep trying to find the pheasant he just shot down.
And he found it.
Josh is bound and determined to get every last pheasant.
Grayce got a couple of nice pheasants.
Kaleena flushing out the pheasants.
Jensen wasn't to sure about putting the pheasants in the back of his jacket.
Teep and Greg searching for pheasants.
This is our little band of intrepid hunters and our 12 pheasants.


Bonnie Sorenson said...

Wow! You do everything; you even hunt and actually hit the bird! Talk about being multitalented--that's you.

The Douglas Family said...

That looked like a blast!!! I think the gun was bigger than you :)