Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Enjoying the Simple Things in Life

Time goes by so fast that sometimes it is hard to enjoy the simple things in life. Yet some of the most simple things are the most beautiful things. So, Greg and I decided that this summer we would enjoy what was just around the corner and take advantage of this beauty around us.

Over the last few days, we camped and then hiked 20 miles throughout Logan Canyon. We hiked on the Nature Trail, the Riverside Nature Trail, up to the Wind Caves, Crimson Trail, up to the China wall, around Bridger Loop and some trails I have no idea where we even were. But I loved every minute of it. Here are some pictures to enjoy:


Bonnie said...

My favorite thing to do is to go up onto the mountains. The more trees the better. I think God created the tree just for me. I loved the photos. I am glad that you had such a nice time.

Josh and Kaleena said...

How fun! and you got lots of really good pictures!