Sunday, September 13, 2009

5 Seconds Short of a PR!

Earlier this summer, my sister- in - law, Grayce invited me to run the Pocatello Marathon or Pocatello Half Marathon with her. I chose the half marathon because I also wanted to run the Top of Utah Marathon 3 weeks later.
So on September 5th, we ran the half marathon. If anyone gets a chance to run it, I would recommend it. The race was well prepared and started on time. All participants got a free bag of potatoes, an awesome duffel bag -- not the cheap ones, and a shirt. (You know the good kind you can actually use to run in, not the T-shirts.)
Grayce fixed a perfect meal the night before, and I had a good night sleep. So I was ready to go! The weather was perfect for running. It didn't matter if it took you 30 minutes or 6 hours because it was overcast the entire day. I would describe the course as gently rolling hills. At about mile 10, I thought my timing chip was coming loose around my ankle, so I stopped to fix it. I am attributing that to make up my 5 seconds or so. I finished the half marathon in 1:46:07 (which was good enough to finish third in my age group.) Then I drank some chocolate milk (my favorite after a race), grabbed a slice of bread, and ran back to find Grayce so I could run in with her. Greg did a great job taking pictures again and my mom always makes the best cheerleader!

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Bonnie said...

You are in such good shape! Congratulations on another race well done.