Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Break

So I think everybody but our school district had spring break a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday was the last day of spring break for the kids so Greg and I decided to take the kids out to Antelope Island since the weather was going to be perfect. It was a terrific place to go. We went on a 3 mile hike, looked for wildlife, and played on the beach.

Jensen and Chalisse didn't want to leave the water. It was probably the best place to experience the Great Salt Lake.

Greg and I had fun as well on the beach. It was the perfect way to relax after a hike. We really enjoyed being together as a family.

Andrea and Carson decided that the Greg mobile would be the best way to get back to the car. I think they just didn't want to leave the beach.

Carson was so excited to see all the sand. He has never been to a beach before and when he saw all the sand he said, "Look the sand box is everywhere".

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Gotta Dance said...

Just had to check out your cute blogg. WTG on the Marthon, that is awesome. And the spring break pics are adorable. Love it!
Thanks for posting on my dance blogg. I am hoping to be adding more stuff like event information and such. I was just glad to get it up and running. Next year I want to have all the solos on there for the students. (I just figured how to do that this week...a bit too late)