Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Grr! I hurt my knee a couple of weeks ago. I wish I could make up an awesome story, something glamorous, about how I hurt it. But all I was doing was walking in the parking lot and turned and twisted to lock my door. I guess turning and twisting on your knee is a bad thing. Well, I have been following R.I.C.E treatment. Today was my first day of physical therapy. It felt good to at least be on the treadmill even though it was for only a few minutes or so. Next week is underwater treadmill before checking in with the doctor again.
My running in August has been slim to nothing. In fact, everything has been slim to nothing except rest, ice, compression, and elevation. The worst part is where I was at in my training schedule for the Top of Utah Marathon. The marathon is now about a month away, so my goal is to be able to at least finish it.
The worst part is walking downstairs, running downhill, walking after bike riding and bending over to pick something up. My knee hurt some after the exercises at therapy and biking, but not at all on the treadmill while running. Pain scale is now at a 2 and I am eager to try to run again. I tried wearing my running shoes and clothes around the house to see if it would help ease my yearning to be out on the pavement, but it didn't. Grr!

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