Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meet My Family

Greg-- works for Utah State University and Four Seasons. This year he has been soccer and softball coach as well as baseball assistant coach. He enjoys spending time with the family, reading and Dutch oven cooking whenever he has any spare time.

Cherilee-- works for Intermountain. She is an on going 4-H leader. She is currently training for a marathon. She enjoys spending time with the family, running and scrap booking.

Chalisse-- is a straight A student. This year she participated in the Geography Bee, Government Youth Council, Band, and will be on the Student Council for next year. She enjoys playing the piano, running, softball, swimming, and clogging (ranked nationally). She is in 4-H and has done a Triathlon and a 5K this year.

Jensen-- has a love for animals and currently breeds and sells Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. He enjoys playing soccer, basketball, swimming, and baseball. He is learning to play the piano as well. He is in 4-H and scouting.

Andrea-- just finished preschool and will be going to kindergarten in the fall. She likes to clog, play with friends and family, and is currently trying to read 100 books. She took swimming lessons this year and will be moving to level II. She likes to clean the house and water the flowers.

Carson-- is a best friend to everyone, even for a two year old. He loves to see the train and help Jensen feed the rabbits. He likes to help mom wash the dishes and pretend he is dad and wear his hat.

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YAY for blogs!! mine is

glad to see youguys are doing great!