Sunday, July 27, 2008

Naked Man Sighting

Let's just say I had a little adrenaline on this last race, the good thing is that my time was 22:23. The bad thing is what got my adrenaline up. It started the evening of July 25th. I noticed Tremonton City Days was holding a FREE 5K run that included FREE breakfast. Anybody that knows me knows that the word FREE is very appealing. First of all that means no cooking and no cleanup. So I told Greg that I would get up early the morning of the 26th around 5:30, run 4 miles and be back in time to go to the 5K where I would drag my entire family (including my sister Liz) to run, walk, or be pushed in a stroller just to get a FREE breakfast. Anyway right before I left the house, it came to my mind twice to take my cell phone with me. I ignored this thought because the last time nothing happened.
Approximately 1/2 mile from my house a naked man (YES BUTT NAKED) came out from the bushes and ran up to me. It was still dark outside so my first impression was is this guy really what I think he is. The closer he got, reality sunk in that yes this guy is BUTT NAKED (complete with package dangling) and dancing for me making suggestive gestures with his hands.
When I acknowledged his presence saying, "Hey Dude". He either turned around and ran back or kept running after me, I tend to think the later. I'm not sure the particulars. But I can tell you I was running 3x as fast the other way. I sprinted my quickest 1/4 mile run in less than 10 seconds (IT SEEMED) to my Brother in Law's house where I frantically explained the whole story, and insisted that I could not run back on that road towards home. He said he would take me home, and he had my husband on the phone.
When I got home, Greg met us at the door and they (Greg and Berto) went looking for this streaker.
To make a long story short, Greg called the cops, and based on the description I gave the cops, they found him and cited him for lewdness. Still I am still traumatized by this event.
-----------THE GOOD NEWS-----------
We had 20 minutes after we got home to wake up the kids (including Liz) and get to the race. Since I didn't have my run in yet. Greg told me to go ahead and run the race. Liz volunteered to push the 2 youngest in the stroller.
Our results: Cherilee 22:23, Chalisse 30:21, Greg 30:28, Jensen 38:20, Liz and crew 40:00.

To make the best out of a situation, I think this tops the list for the things that I have been chased by while running.

1. Naked Man
2. Baby Calf
3. Snarling Dogs
4. Skunks
5. Snakes
6. Deer (actually they just stand and stare at me)

Moral of this blog ( I will listen to the promtings and take my cell phone with me, and take the new pepper spray that Greg just bought).


Ryan and Erin said...

I was laughing out loud reading this! Oh my gosh!!!

The Munfords said...

Hey Cherilee it's Kim Munford from work. It's sounds like lots of fun for you guys. There is no way I would have been able to get my family up and do that let alone myself.

Chalisse said...

That would totally freak me out to see a naked man. Yuck!!!