Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Am I a Bad Mom?

I tried really hard today. I honestly did. But let me tell you one thing. Never fight with a two year old because you'll never win. I wanted to have the perfect, clean house today with happy children. It didn't happen. I need to realize that we all have our free agency to choose how we want to act, but this is so hard since I am a perfectionist.
I got up and did the usual which includes making breakfast, reading and going over math facts with Andrea, getting the kids on the bus, and exercising. When I came upstairs to get Carson dressed and ready for the day, The terrible two's hit big time. Carson refused to get out of his "Thomas" pajamas. He was so mad at me that he took the pillows off my bed and sat on top of them bawling his head off. After a serious talk with this two year old, I decided that he was not going to give in and my only hopes for a happy child would be to compromise. We decided that if Mom let him stay in his "Thomas" pajamas, then mom could have her pillows back on the bed. Kids are so forgiving. However, I hope all the adults are as forgiving. Like when I had to pick Jensen up at Young Astronauts and when I had to take the girls to dancing lessons. I wonder if they're thinking, "This mom has done nothing today." Or, "This kid is still in their pajamas, what type of a mom is she?"

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Bonnie said...

I think that you are a great mom for letting him stay in his Thomas PJs. This reminds me of when Camille said she was a kitty when she was 3. The only way she would drink her milk was for me to pour it into a saucer and she would get on all fours on the floor and lap it up like a kitty. I just humored her. It only lasted for about 2 or 3 weeks. Then she got tired of doing it and went back to drinking out of a glass.