Thursday, January 1, 2009

Not The Smartest Thing I've Done!

So let me explain a little. What do all three of these have in common?
All three of these should have been replaced three months ago.
1. My hair dryer went on the blink and only blows out cold air and therefore takes forever to blow dry my hair. So either I stand in front of the mirror for hours or I wash my hair the night before and go to bed with wet hair. Luckily Santa gave me a hair dryer for Christmas. Problem #1 solved.

2. My glasses are missing one piece of the frame. Carson got a hold of these and I think and he must have snapped off one of the sides. Well I didn't want to fork out more money this time of year. So I still wear them even though they sit sideways on my face and fall off if I lean over. Mostly though I wear my contacts during the day, so I only have to worry about this problem at night.

3. My favorite running shoes reached over 500 miles at least three months ago. I was trying to lengthen their life expectancy and buy a new pair in January when I started training for my next marathon. But on Christmas Eve I decided to do a tempo run and work on my speed.
Well, I was able to increase my speed by three minutes, but I severely injured my ankle/heel. I'm sure it was because of my shoes-- because if you have worn off the black soles and can see the next color, they are probably not giving you any support.--

I rested for 5 days and still the pain did not let up so I went to see Dr. Lyons. He thinks I may have a stress fracture of my Talus bone in my ankle. I still cannot run until 01/05/09 and then we will go from there. The good thing is that I can still exercise. He recommended that I swim or bike to keep my endurance up. That means swimming in the cold or riding the Mayflower.
I call it the Mayflower, because it came over on the Mayflower. It used to belong to Greg's Grandma Blythe who died ten years ago.
Anyway Dr. Lyon's suggested I might want to upgrade. So, because I have the most wonderful husband, he went out and bought a new exercise bike. It looks like this. And yesterday, I went shopping for the most beautiful pair of shoes, and I got them. This is a picture off the Nike site. I can't wait to start to run. I'm going crazy!
Well enough of this. The moral of this blog is that sometimes you just have to go out and get what you need or you will spend more money in the long run.


Bonnie said...

I absolutely agree with you. When I have tried to cut corners and not buy what was needed, it also turned out to have some undesirable consequences. I am sorry that you hurt your ankle and I think your husband was an absolute gem to get you that new exercise bike. I think it is so funny how you called the old one the Mayflower.

I love the new look of your blog. I love the colors. Take care and heal fast. I love you.

Ryan and Erin said...

As an athletic trainer, I'd have to recommend you replace your new shoes around 300 miles... not only are you prone to stress fractures, but you are also more likely to have an overuse injury like achilles tendonitis. Hope you get better fast!!

Camille said...

The Mayflower . . . now that is hilarious--I totally laughed out loud. (and so did my husband) He checks out your blog from time to time to see how your running is coming along. He's now become a runner too. He even has his own blog dedicated to running. You can check out my family blog anytime too.