Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Run, Jump and Throw

Jensen participated in the Pentathlon the other day. Not because he wanted too, but because his mom encouraged him too. He didn't break any records, but he made his mom happy. Don't get me wrong-- Jensen loves sports! It's just these events are not his strongest. Jensen loves to run. He gets that from me! He is a trail runner though, and loves the long distance trail runs. It's too bad that the pentathlon doesn't include trail running. This is Jensen running the 40 yard dash. One of his times was 0.077 sec. That was not his best time, but I didn't write down the other time.
Jensen leaping over the high jump. I think he is pretty good. He did a forward jump everytime. He can jump 3 feet 1 inch. Perhaps he might like hurdles later on in life and this will give him good experience. Josh could help him improve on this if he decides he likes it, since he holds the state record in the hurdles.

Jensen at his next event. The shot put. 12 feet 8 inches. Needs to work on his form a little, but still pretty good. Maybe Jake could help him if he decides to do this later in life.


Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

Good job, Jensen. That is really great that he participated in things that are not his strong points. That takes courage. Ask me. I am a klutz at everything.

Also, I had no idea that Josh holds the state record for high jump. That is something to be proud of, but I am equally proud of Jensen for doing something that is not his favorite.

Thanks for your comments on 2 of my posts. Hearing from you and others helps me feel not so alone.

Incidentally, we were probably typing new posts at the same time today because I posted a new Mother's Day post that you didn't see about 2 hours after you made your comments on my older posts, so you will have to check out my newest post.

P.S. Because I had so many typos in my first comment above, I removed it and resubmitted it again here.