Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Three Strikes of Exercise

The good news is that I made it into the Utah Grand Slam! I was so thrilled the day I found out I was ready to blog about it right away. But I decided to wait a month or so, so I wouldn't sound so excited. Since I will be running 5 marathons this year, I decided to focus on strength rather than speed.

So, I decided to "pump some iron" three times a week in addition to my running routine. About two weeks into it, I felt exhausted and sore. Strike one: Cherilee and the weight bench don't work to well together.

So, I finally after reading an article in self magazine decided to try pilates. Strengthening my core shouldn't be to hard I thought, plus all I needed were weights and a mat of which I had both. I read up on the exercises and decided to try and learn a new one every night. All was going great I thought even my youngest son enjoyed doing push ups and sit ups with me. He was even more motivated than I was. (He would pull out the mat and say, "Mom you need to exercise") Strike two: Your kids telling you that you need to exercise shoots every thought that you might be toning some flab that your kids worked so hard on putting on your body for nine months.

Last night I had this brilliant idea to get my pilates done before the kids came in the bedroom to find me. I had already made dinner so I thought I was safe. Strike three: I forgot that I also share the bedroom with my husband who after a late dinner came straggling into the bedroom to collapse. When he opened the door he screamed, "Aghh, what are you trying to do"! Pilates I said. He said, "You know honey when the weather warms up it will be nice to exercise outside again!

Strike one: When exercising actually does more damage than good.
Strike two: Somebody telling you that you need to exercise.
Strike three: A reinforced strike two with a bang to do something else.

Well, even though I have gotten three strikes I feel great. I am going to continue with pilates in hopes that I will gain some strength for my dampened spirit even though it may not doing anything for my running.

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Bonnie said...

You look terrific and look like you don't need to exercise, but you had a very funny post. However, the reason that you look like you don't need to exercise is because you do excercise.