Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ogden Marathon 2010 -- A New PR

This last weekend I ran the Ogden Marathon. This was my second marathon of the year, but the first of the Grand Slam. I am really glad that I could turn this marathon around for me. I was able to pull out another Boston Qualifying time of 3:30:57. This is my personal best so far. It rounds it off to a 8:07 min mile. Not to shabby!
Marathons are great when you can meet up with old running buddies and also make new running buddies, and this was a marathon when I could do both. I am excited to see what the future brings.
Thanks Greg and Chalisse for coming to support me!


wally the walrus said...

i can't believe how far you have come over the past two years. Your dedication, work ethic, and desire are a perfect example for anyone how wants to take on any challenge. it is fun to see anyone who tries as hard as you do to succeed... keep it up and the sky is the limit for you.. \

Chalisse said...

You did great mom!