Tuesday, June 15, 2010

26.2 Miles Of Pain That You Enjoy

I ran the Utah Valley Marathon on Saturday while it was raining cats and dogs. I'll say the 26.2 miles is the enjoy part. The rain is pain part. I'm not sure how I managed a 3:29:11 PR at this marathon.
The course was new this year and I loved the beautiful canyon for 18-20 miles. There were about five pretty good size hills. However, what goes up must come down and so I used these to the best of my advantage. My time at the end of mile 13 was 1:45:00 which is two minutes slower than Ogden, but the same as the Salt Lake Marathon.
Several people came up to me at the end of the marathon and commented on how I kicked it in about mile 20. Perhaps that is when I saw my family and got excited. I don't have one of those cool watches to time my splits so I just run and enjoy every minute.
Thanks to Jake who let Greg and I stay at his home. Greg for all your support in everything, and for mom and dad for coming to cheer me on.

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Jerel said...

Wow is all I have to say!! Very impressive time despite the weather. I could only hope to have a time like that. Good job and keep it up.