Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Six More Weeks of Winter-- I Believe It!

I took a few pictures this morning when I took Poopsie on a walk. This picture was my favorite because it showed a beautiful winter scene. Something you would expect to find on the front cover of a book titled "Twas The Night Before Christmas". The only problem that I find with this is --IT'S NOT CHRISTMAS--. It has the beautiful ice capped roads preventing any runner from actually trying to run outside and not hurt themselves. It has snow flocked trees causing blind spots preventing any chance of defensive driving, and if that driver was new to the area, they would have no idea where they were going because of the snow covered street signs. But wait! Look just above the tree tops. I see blue sky! Yes, I believe it is a hint of blue sky! Could this promise spring? Well, I'm crossing my fingers, especially since I have a 10K of hills on Saturday.


Bonnie said...

I love the picture you took. Is it of your house? Snow makes everything look really beautiful, but it does make it very dangerous to try to run or drive on. We didn't get any snow the last few days in Salt Lake where I live, so I guess we were lucky. I hope it clears up and the roads are dry for your race. I think the name of your dog is so funny, but Poopsie seems very apropos for a puppy's name.

Your blog is cute. Did you invent the header yourself?

Cherilee said...

This is not a picture of my house. It is just one around town that I thought looked beautiful in the snow.
Oh by the way, Poopsie's real name is Oreo. Poopsie is my love name for her. Sometime you'll have to ask Liz about the Snugglemuffin.