Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winter Racing Circuit 10k

A 10k maybe nothing too impressive to be blogging about, but somehow I just feel like blogging about this race. The WRC 10k course is a mixture of loops and hills on a paved road. At mile 4.5 it features a 500 foot climb.
That said, you can probably tell I wasn't going to get a PR at this race, but I feel like my time of 49:05 is pretty darn good. (My PR for a 10k is 46:15.) However, my goal of running the series, was to improve my speed on hills, learning to run in cold weather and prepare myself for the Ogden Marathon.
-------------------------About The Race-----------------------------
It was a cold morning, but I dressed properly and felt prepared. The first 1/2 mile was uphill followed by about 2 miles of loops and downhill in which we ran passed a freshly killed skunk on the road. That was enough to turn my stomach right there. Anyway, after mile 3 we started with the uphill part for the rest of the way. There were aid stations at mile 3 and 4.5. I have to be honest with myself. The people at Striders know how to do a good race. They had gone out early to place ice melt all over the course, mile markers at every mile, policemen at intersections, restrooms and food at the end, timing chips, and very organized to a "T". I am so impressed with these guys. (It wasn't there fault about the skunk.)
When I finished, Greg told me that I had frost on my headband or ear warmer what ever you call it. He got a good laugh out of it though. My face was pretty frozen and it was hard to talk or laugh with him. When we left the race it had finally warmed up to 28 degrees. Much better than the 16 degrees it was when we arrived.
Well, in 3 more weeks I get to do the same course again only adding another 4 miles to it. Yippee!
Placement: 3rd in my age group, 17th in gender, and 83rd overall out of 437.


Anonymous said...

Well done! I hate running in cold weather so kudos to you for doing so well.

SJCBCfamily said...

Cherilee, I'm so impressed. What got you into running? How could you stand to run in that cold of temp? I'm afraid my lungs would start hurting, maybe that's just because I'm out of shape.
I really want to aim to do the Bear Lake Marathon though, maybe you can help me out by encouraging me.

Bonnie said...

Boy, I will say well done, too. I can't even imagine running a 500 ft incline in the the winter, too. You are amazing.